Work with us 

Vertel is an organisation of people who are passionate about making a positive difference for Australian communities. We are proud to be a highly engaged team of individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Make an impact

You have a voice at Vertel, we want you to ask “what if?” and then find the answer. We want you to question the status quo and challenge convention. We embrace diversity and empower individuals.

We are agile and work outside-the-box

Vertel has adopted agile ways of working, letting us pivot the business as we develop and embed new service lines to react to a changing market.

When you work at Vertel you work with your own team, yet you also get the opportunity to work cross-functionally and make an impact on strategic projects that drive our business forward. We bring together cross-functional teams because we are continuously reviewing and improving all aspects of our business. The projects run in a fundamentally agile way. We believe this fail fast culture underpins how we work.

We are building today for tomorrow

Our culture is shaped by our values and our people. We make a meaningful difference in the way that people receive education, health, emergency, and community services in Australia. We empower our people to take initiative, with reward based on merit. We believe in treating all employees as business leaders and actively encourage diverse and innovative thinking. Vertel offers many opportunities for people to grow and diversify their careers within the company. We are proud that every one of our directors and many of our managers have been internal promotions.

We are a diverse and inclusive workforce

Vertel has a highly diverse and inclusive workplace and proactively fosters diversity in the team. We focus on employing experienced and capable staff while promoting diversity. More than half of the Vertel workforce speaks a language other than English. For many team members, English is a second language (ESL) and a similar percentage of team members were born overseas.

To support a flexible work environment, we offer the opportunity to work from home and keep flexible hours to maintain work life balance. We call these Empower Hours.

We love to give back to our people

Our people work hard and we love to support them. Our 5 at 5 policy provides staff with five or more years’ tenure with five weeks of annual leave every year instead of the standard four. Each Friday in January, and February we run Summer Fridays, during which our offices shut at 3:00pm each Friday to let our team spend some extra time with family and friends.

Team members also get five days of paid paternity leave, a day off on their Vertel employment anniversary, and the ability to purchase up to two weeks of extra annual leave.