Your business' network is the lifeblood of your organisation, and the most important part of your IT infrastructure. But as technology gets more complicated and efficient, the responsibility and costs of maintaining that network can increase and become complicated.

Vertel Network Solutions frees you from the complexities of keeping all your computers and devices connected. And the best thing about it? It's uniquely designed to suit your business needs.

With our network management services, we will assess your current situation, design a solution that fits your needs no matter where you are in Australia or what kind of business you do, plan it out, and deploy it quickly so that you can get back to doing what you love: running your business!



With the Vertel SD-WAN and Network Core capabilities, we can help you create a digital business platform that gives you the flexibility and control you need to innovate and manage change.

As your network expands, information can become disorganised and congested, causing disruptions and high latency. That's why we use our SD-WAN solutions to optimise connections, ensuring that your network is more stable and can run faster. With our SD-WAN solution, connect multiple remote offices through a system that works to improve data speeds and provide advanced security protection. And best of all? We partner with globally award-winning partners so that we can give you options to cater to your business needs!

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Business Wi-Fi Services

If you’re struggling to get a reliable internet connection for your business, we have good news. You can connect your business to a fast, secure wireless network at a low cost and with zero hassle.

Vertel's Business Wi-Fi offers agile and scalable wireless internet without the need to build out expensive wired networks. With enterprise grade Wi Fi your organisation can easily connect to a wireless Internet access point and get super-fast speeds. You need to work with a trustworthy partner able to deliver the business Wi-Fi solutions you need.

Vertel helps connect businesses of all sizes and in all industries to reliable and fast business Wi-Fi so that they can run their activities smoothly. Is your internet causing you a headache and you are wondering how to connect your business to a fast connection at a low cost? Vertel can help you figure out whether enterprise-grade Wi-Fi is the solution you need.

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Business wi-fi Services
Enterprise ethernet

Enterprise Ethernet

When you’re running applications that are time sensitive and require consistent bandwidth, those that run on the cloud, or that rely on upload speed as much as download speed, you need a high-performance, reliable fibre network.^ This is where Enterprise Ethernet comes to the fore. Utilising solutions such as NBN, microwave satellite or third party fibre, Vertel has the solution for you.

Enterprise Ethernet is designed to support a variety of business needs and applications. It offers a single connection from your premises to the carrier’s premises. This is a multi-gigabit copper or fibre connection with dedicated bandwidth for each user.

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