In the current climate, it's more important than ever to ensure that your organisation has access to critical communications capabilities.

Critical communications describes any form of communication that is absolutely essential to the function of an organisation, typically one that works to keep people safe. Some examples of fields that rely on critical communications capabilities include:

  • Emergency services: Police, firefighters and paramedics all need to have open communication channels for the safety of themselves and others.

  • Health care: From caring for COVID-19 patients in major cities to providing emergency service to the most remote parts of the world, healthcare workers need open communication channels to work effectively.

  • Construction: Coordination between workers ensures safety on a work site.

  • Transport & Logistics: Transport and logistics teams are working to serve Australian communities by supplying essential and in-demand items or transport goods and people.

In-vehicle Network Solutions

In-Vehicle Network Solutions

How's your connected vehicle doing?

If you're like most people, your answer is probably "fine." But what if we told you that it could be better? What if we told you that there was a way to make sure your IoT devices are connected 24/7, no matter where they go? And what if we told you that connection would be as easy as plugging your device into a wall outlet?

If that sounds good, then it's time to meet NetCloud Service powered by Cradlepoint. With NetCloud Service powered by Cradlepoint, you can connect vehicles and fleets to the cloud in real-time—and it doesn't matter how far away they are from an LTE or 5G tower.

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Mission Critical Services

You've got a mission to complete, and we're here to make sure you have the best possible tools for the job.

Vertel is a trusted global award-winning provider of bespoke and standard mission-critical network solutions to government and emergency agencies. We've been partnering with government agencies and emergency service providers for nearly 50 years, and we're proud of our experience and our relationships. With Vertel, you can be confident in the quality and security of our solutions and services—we're here to help your agency achieve your project goals and organisational objectives no matter what the requirements.

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Mission Critical Services
Virtual Training with Beaconsim

Virtual Training

There's a road to travel before you can reach the future of training, and it starts with Beaconsim at Vertel. By employing a device simulator training solution, you can enhance your training experience and deliver an innovative and inspirational learning experience—all while catering to different learning styles and various devices. Designed to integrate with any Learning Management System (LMS), Beaconsims critical communication device learning simulator is tailored to your organisational's operational procedures.

With a proven track record in over 28 countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, Vertel is bringing new learning technology for mission critical communication devices to Australia for the benefit of all Australians.

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Radio Dispatch Console

Are you ready to take your dispatch console to the next level?

Modern dispatch consoles are designed to provide an intuitive user experience, with a full range of configurable features that can be tailored to meet your needs. These systems typically include a dynamic mapping solution, allowing operators to efficiently manage resources and assign tasks in real time. So whether you’re protecting the community, delivering a service or driving commerce and industry, only a modern dispatch console can carry out your mission reliably and efficiently.

Our dispatch solutions allow organisations to maintain vital links between dispatchers and field personnel, helping to coordinate operations and respond to emergencies. We partner with dispatch console experts to deliver seamless mission-critical communications.

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 Radio Dispatch Console