Combining the latest technology and dispatch console expertise for seamless mission-critical communications.

Modern dispatch consoles are designed to provide an intuitive user experience, with a full range of configurable features that can be tailored to meet your needs. These systems typically include a dynamic mapping solution, allowing operators to efficiently manage resources and assign tasks in real time. So whether you’re protecting the community, delivering a service or driving commerce and industry, only a modern dispatch console can carry out your mission reliably and efficiently.

Our dispatch solutions allow organisations to maintain vital links between dispatchers and field personnel, helping to coordinate operations and respond to emergencies. We partner with dispatch console experts to deliver seamless mission-critical communications.

Why Vertel is your dispatch vendor of choice?

Packed full of features as a standard solution



  • arrow Cloud, Site and/or Data Center Deployment
  • arrow Designed to be run and managed in a virtual environment


  • arrow Simple Licensing
  • arrow Floating licenses, not locked to a device
  • arrow All licensing stored on central server


  • arrow Support for Multiple Organizations
  • arrow One server can be used to manage independent organisations or business units (Multi-tenanted)


  • arrow Central Configuration & Monitoring
  • arrowEasy to use web based

Scalable and Easy to use - Cloud, site and data centre compatible

How Radio Dispatch Console Work
  • Uses Microsoft SQL
  • On-site or in a data center
  • Cloud service optimised
  • Centralised administration and licensing
  • Deployable in a virtual machine environment
  • Flexible hardware deployment options
  • Option to leverage data centre to reduce capital costs

Critical Communications made for Mission Critical Work with outstanding features

  • Contacts Automatically centralise your contacts databases into on
  • Easy to Use Touchscreen interface with a configurable layout
  • In-built Location Services Geofencing, alarms, route playback
  • Reporting Sophisticated reporting and analytics into existing systems
Radio Dispatch Console Features
  • On-the-Fly Central changes are instantly updated
  • Interoperability Interconnect people, protocols, technologies & manufacturers
  • Connections Digital & legacy analog radio systems, phone, paging, SIP
  • High Availability Fully redundant, data replication, clustering & 24/7/365 Support

Vertel radio dispatch consoles for all industries

architectureEmergency Services
architectureTransport and logistics
architectureRenewables & Construction
Which industries requires Vertel's Radio Dispatch Console?

Emergency services, Transport and logistics, Security, Mining, Utilities and Renewable & Construction requires Radio Dispatch Console.

How Vertel helps organisations?

Vertel's services allow organisations with critical communication requirements by assisting in the coordination of operations and emergency response between dispatchers and field employees.

Vertel the leader in Managed Radio Networks

Want to learn more? Our services are underpinned by protected base stations with redundant power and diverse backhaul for enhanced availability. Follow the links below to learn more about Vertel's expertise in critical communications

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