Why should you choose Beaconsim with Vertel?

One Training Simulator. Customisable To Any Device.

Simulator training is reality-based, measurable and easily controlled by a trainer.

The road from traditional training methods to an innovative learning environment starts with Beaconsim at Vertel. Vertel's virtual learning simulator designed for mission critical communications training is reality-based, measurable and easily controlled by a trainer.

By employing a device simulator training solution, you can enhance your training experience and deliver an innovative and inspirational learning experience—all while catering to different learning styles and various devices. Designed to integrate with any Learning Management System (LMS), Beaconsims critical communication device learning simulator is tailored to your organisational's operational procedures.

With a proven track record, in over 28 countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, Vertel is bringing new learning technology for mission critical communication devices to Australia for the benefit of all Australians.

Training Simulator Overview
Simulator Training

Training everyone in the company in one virtual learning environment—across all job functions and using modern best practices—is a critical foundation and should be a priority. Vertel and Beaconsim have partnered to bring modern learning technology to Australian mission critical service providers. This illustrates a function rich solution that is scalable and meets demanding requirements.

Vertel's Beaconsim Solution for Critical Communication training and planning is an advanced radio and C&C dispatcher simulator. It allows you as a trainer to measure and control the training environment for better real-life results. The device learning simulator solution ranges from a virtual classroom of a few students to a self-learning solution that could accommodate a thousand students.

A Radio Simulator that can be tailored to your radio and network parameters.

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    ONE is a self-learning system for radio users with interactive radio simulators and it enables fast training of large organisations. Learning targets can be defined, and results measured. Users receive feedback on their learning and get a certificate after they have reached the required level. If simulator tests are repeated for example annually, they can be used as a prerequisite for user license or for attending a simulator drill.

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    TEAM is a realistic online radio system simulator which can be used for training purposes. The user can configure a radio terminal, dispatchers, field command, data applications and other units with unique operational requirements in mind. The simulation shows how a modern radio system works from all aspects: from crew and dispatcher working together, to different possibilities of communication.

Radio Simulator Overview
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    PLAN is a virtual communication environment that allows the implementation and testing of different network and service scenarios, operating procedures, and terminal parameters. This facilitates all the aspects related to roll-out planning and defines those should start long before the real network or new services are up and running. Organisations and trainers can save time, support the change management process as it can be introduced to all user organisations in a timely manner.

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    LAB is a flexible radio network test bed for own development and testing purpose. The simulator offers various API and PEI interfaces which can be selected to match the development needs. The simulated interfaces have the same functionality as the real interfaces. By that, LAB provides independency of network manufacturers’ testbeds and gives flexibility for lab testing and customer trials. This simulator testing reduces traveling times and costs as well as expensive testing fee expenditure.

Innovate Your Critical Communications Training with Vertel's Virtual Training Simulators by Beaconsim

Why Vertel recommends using Beaconsim in your Critical Communications Training.

Vertel's virtual training solution is attractive to large fleets, particularly in emergency services, that require consistent training for staff on how to use their in-house communications devices. Having a consistent and reliable outcome, and properly trained staff, in all operational circumstances is especially critical for emergency services in assisting with life-threatening situations, and to avoid unnecessary risk.


Control and Measure your critical communications training.

Beaconsim Device Simulator Training

Vertel's Beaconsim Device Simulator Training Prepares Your Team for Real Life Situations

Vertel's device simulator training through Beaconsim provides best-of-breed radio simulator training technology. It is an innovative training solution for:

  • Emergency services
  • Transport and logistics companies
  • Security and Surveillance organisations
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Vertel's Radio Simulator Virtual Training Environment

A complete virtual learning environment

Planning. Testing. Training

Critical Communications training is crucial. Device training, features, buttons are part of the training basics, but it should not stop there.

A real-life virtual learning simulator can mirror how an employee should act and communicate with colleagues in a different situation including emergency situations.

Keep in mind that training is not just a matter of project implementation. Personnel benefits from retraining when there are changes in the fleet map, radio parameter or staff.

Always hope for the best. But train for the worst

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What are Mission Critical Services?

A mission-critical service is a service that is deemed essential to an organisation's operation and cannot be interrupted without causing significant harm or loss.

What is Beaconsim?

Beaconsim is a solution provider of critical communications training and planning for networks including TETRA, LTE, 5G, DMR, digital PMR, Tetrapol, Mesh, P25 and proprietary networks.

Is Virtual Simulator beneficial?

The online training radio simulation ensures receiving quality training in a safe, low-stress environment, especially for those who want to increase their level of knowledge.