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The world has changed. Your business has changed. The way you do business has changed. And although you're doing your best to keep up with the times, it's not always easy.

That's why we created Netconnect Secure—a cloud-based, fully managed network security service built on a next-generation firewall platform.

Netconnect Secure gives you the tools you need to make sure your business is protected from known and unknown threats, while also creating effective security-control policies so you can safely enable applications that extend well beyond the traditional "allow or deny" approach.

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Security Solutions Overview

Great visibility and powerful controls for improved security

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When you're looking for ways to improve your security, you want to know exactly what's going on. With Vertel Netconnect Secure, you can see who's using what applications and how they're using them. You can see what threats are coming in, and where they're coming from. And you can look at the data patterns that make up each user's network traffic—making it easy for you to determine who is using what application and how often they use it.

When you have this kind of visibility into your network traffic, you can make informed decisions about which applications should be made available to your users. You can also make sure that any sensitive information is protected by configuring specific security rules based on location or user group. If an employee needs access to a particular application while they are away from the office, but not when they're there (because it contains sensitive data), then their access can be restricted based on their location as well as their group membership

Vertel Netconnect Secure will give you what no other product can: visibility into your network traffic patterns so that you can make informed decisions about user-based access policies.

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How does Netconnect Secure work for your business

Netconnect Secure

Netconnect Secure is a bundled package of our Internet (Netconnect Internet) and managed security service. With Netconnect Internet you get high-capacity symmetrical service, providing Layer 3 IP transit. And our managed security service helps protect from known and unknown threats. That's because it's built on a next-generation firewall platform that allows you to secure your network from multiple locations and from wherever business takes you.

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Network Security with outstanding features for better security and protection

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    Application Visibility

    Discover and block application vulnerabilities and data exfiltration with visibility.

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    User and User Group Visibility

    Attain visibility into individual user session behavior across devices and operating systems.

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    Intrusion Prevention and Anti-virus

    Protect your network and end-points against web threats while saving time and money.

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    DOS attack detection and protection

    Denial of service attack prevention and detection by volume and type of attack.

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    URL and Content Filtering

    Off-load web security and compliance costs from your network and bring a comprehensive, unified web security solution onto your end-user devices

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    Unknown threat and Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) prevention

    Gain the advanced threat protection that you need without compromising performance, availability of mission critical applications, or traffic speed.

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    SSL Remote Access VPN

    Simple, flexible VPN that works with your business needs.

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    Mobile Security

    Increase security and seamlessly expand access to applications and data between mobile devices, laptops and desktops from your organisation’s private network

Network Security
What is Network Security?

Network security is a broad term that refers to the safeguards and measures taken to protect computer networks from unauthorized access, damage or interference.

Network security may include firewalls, encryption and authentication systems.

How Network Security works?

Network security is the practice of protecting an information technology infrastructure from unauthorized access, damage or disruption by defending these computers, networks and communication resources against attack.

What is meant by Managed Security Services?

Managed security services are a method of managing risk by outsourcing the work to experts in the field.

Companies hire an outside security firm that provides an audit, penetration testing, and other services in order to identify vulnerabilities and help secure their systems.

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